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Fellowship, Love, Laughter, Sharing, & Prayer

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Dear Ministry Leaders,

Some of my most enjoyable experiences have involved being a keynote speaker at women’s conferences. 

My conferences are multi-denominational; I focus on biblical topics which all Christian churches embrace.  I strive to bring the Bible alive and encourage all who attend to find their place in Jesus’ plan for their life.  Laughter, learning, fellowship and fun are key ingredients to my presentations.

I charge no fee and would enjoy speaking with you further about how we could work together.  I can adjust to any type of time frame, am more than willing to present all materials prior to presentation, and while I have a wealth of information already prepared love a new challenge.  

This website is dedicated to the speaking side of my life ( is dedicated to the writing side!) and I invite you to take a look and see what it tells about me.

Take a look at my qualifications and let's talk further!


Sue McGeown

I'm in this wild and crazy group, but I'm not going to admit which one I am... 

Where did I come up with GOD'S PHOENIX WOMAN?

I am so many things in my life:  a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a writer, a speaker ...  but I am so much more than that. 

Underneath all of these things is the fact that I am a woman after God's own heart and in any of the roles I am determined to make God smile. 

The concept of "God's Phoenix Woman" is rooted in the fact that without God I am nothing.   Yet in believing in Jesus Christ, out of the ashes God raises me up and makes me ... perfectly His. 

Sometimes I’m battered and bruised.  There are times my sword is a little bloody around the edges from life's struggles.  But I’m upright and I’m smiling at the fierce feeling of … ability.  God is with me!  God loves me!  God will not abandon me!  God will make all things work towards good! 

Look at me, everyone, rising out of the ashes of the fire.  I am God's Phoenix Woman.  I’m God’s Own.  With Him I can do anything.  Look out world, here I come.

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