Susan McGeown, Speaker

On Becoming God's Phoenix Woman...

A Triumphant Life

Who is God's Phoenix Woman?

 (This is the fabulous image designed by Irene Ayres of Bridges Community Church!)


Every single one of us has the power to become one.  It begins with a personal decision of faith and continues as a conscious decision to believe all that God has promised.

God wants us all to be Phoenix Women:  young, old, experienced believers, inexperienced believers, happy, sad, successful, struggling ... 

Our very individuality - our uniqueness - is what makes us so very vital to God. The miraculous transformations that God can perform with each one of us can become a living example of His love, faith, and forgiveness.

God wants to take each and every aspect of our lives (especially the hard parts) and transform us into a triumphant, powerful, capable women after God's own heart.

 The Lord has sought out a person after His own heart.  (I Sam. 13:14)


What is a Phoenix Woman all about?

Phoenix women exhibit God's power of promised transformation.

Phoenix women know all about God's incomparable love.

Phoenix women rejoice in their blessed individuality.

Phoenix women are examples of faith.

Phoenix women make God smile.

Phoenix women are warriors.

Phoenix women are powerful, capable, unflappable women after God's own heart.

Phoenix women face the future prepared rather than scared.

Phoenix women have grasped hold of God's promise of strength in weakness.

Phoenix women have lives that are a product of faith rather than coincidence.

Phoenix women have a triumphant life.



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