Susan McGeown, Speaker

On Becoming God's Phoenix Woman...

Finding My Godspace

Finding My Godspace


 EVALUATE:  Realizing who you are to God

  • Places:  Where do you go in your daily life?
  • People:  Who do you encounter in your daily life?
  • Passions:  What do you care about the most?

 ENGAGE:  Discovering how God wants you to serve
  • Purpose:  What is the purpose of your life?
  • Perspective:  Where are you headed?
  • Perseverance:  What are your personal struggles and hardships?

 EMPOWER:  Finding where your strength lies
  • Past:  What are your essential life experiences?
  • Prayer:  How do you and God communicate?
  • Promises:  Which of God's Promises mean the most to you?
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